Effectively removes rust on locally rusted areas by cancelling out the chemical rusting action. It is not a rust preventative by itself but prepares rusted and oxidized areas to a condition suitable for priming and painting. Suitable for use on copper, aluminium, brass, bronze and most other metals to remove all traces of oxidation and corrosion before painting.

A water-based synthetic rubber primer with an excellent conversion property for rusting surfaces. Converts corroded areas in mental into stable matter thus preventing rust from spreading further. It is used as a primer onto rusty surfaces when the conventional methods of rust removal are impractical or not cost effective.

A phosphoric acid-based metal conditioner for cleaning and etching aluminium prior to the application of the chosen paint system. It removes light oil, weld burns and other contamination and provide a good clean etch at the same time. Also suitable for removing oxidisation from copper and other metals.

OceanMaster NON-SKID Aggregates

A silica sand material designed specifically to provide a professional slip-resistant finish.

For Use On: All surfaces together with OceanMaster single or two-pack coatings.


Each kit contains the following selected mix of materials for small repairs around the boat, in the workshop or at home.

Epoxy Resin 50ml, Epoxy Hardener 25ml, 440g Double-bias Glass


These fabrics and tapes are commonly used for repair and light building jobs. Suitable for epoxy resins as a reinforcement when laying up or repairing a damaged area.

Available Pack Size:
Double bias ( ±40° ) Tape 400gsm, 100mm width x 2 metre length
Double bias ( ±40° ) Tape 400gsm, 150mm width x 2 metre length
Plain Weave Tape 200gsm, 50mm width x 4 metre length
Plain Weave Tape 200gsm, 100mm width x 4 metre length
Plain Weave Tape 300gsm, 1 metre width x 4 metre length
Chop Strand Mat 300gsm, 1 metre width x 1 metre length
Sheathing Fabric (Dynel) 105gsm, 1 metre x 1 metre
Sheathing Fabric (Dynel) 105gsm, 1 metre x 50 metre roll

Full roll size for all above fabrics available

OceanMaster ECO-WASH

A premium quality eco-friendly marine detergent for almost any
washing job. Can be used conveniently and would form a rich
lather when mixed with both fresh or seawater. It's bio-degradable,
ph-neutral formula ensures that neither the environment nor your
craft conditions are compromised.

For Use On : Fibreglass, metal, painted surfaces, decks, fish boxes,
windows, canvas, rugs, etc...

Application Method :
Heavy cleaning - 1:1 to 1:10 dilution ratio
Light cleaning - 1:30 dilution ratio
Surface preparation before painting - use 1:30 dilution ratio

Stir to rich foam and apply with a sponge or soft cloth to all fibreglass,
aluminium, teak, enamel, glass, polyurethane and varnished surfaces.
Heavy soil or grease may require scrubbing. Rinse well with clean water.

Available Pack Size : 1 Litre, 5 Litre, 20 Litre